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Many novice mothers may have begun to look for a variety of daily necessities for their beloved babies before the baby is born. Among them, the “Glass Feeding Bottle” is naturally one of the most concerned items, ranging from brand, origin, capacity, and caliber. The difference is that there are a dazzling array of baby bottles on the Bangladesh market, and different “materials” are often the most important and most curious to parents. Why our PUR Glass Feeding Bottle in BD is the best?

Material of PUR Glass Feeding Bottle

The material of the baby Glass Feeding Bottle BD stems from the different use requirements. At present, the brand PUR baby bottles on the BD market are mainly made of glass. It has high heat and good acid and alkali resistance; however, the appearance, color and application of the occasion. The difference between normal bottle and Glass Feeding Bottle in Bangladesh can be roughly distinguished simply.

Features of PUR Glass Feeding Bottle

  • The glass material is clean and colorless, has high light transmittance , and is easy to check.
  • The surface is very smooth, easy to wash and not easy to scratch and leave marks.
  • The heat resistance is the highest of all materials at present , reaching about 600°C.
  • It is heavy and fragile , so it is suitable to be placed in the home or fixed place.
  • It is not suitable for babies to practice grasping by themselves, and it is recommended to be used by parents when feeding.

Disinfection Method

  • The method of steam boiler disinfection is very simple: First, in order to avoid milk stains from adhering to the bottle, it is recommended to wash and clean up in time after each feeding.
  • Pay special attention to the neck and spiral parts.
  • After washing the corners of the bottle, you can use a professional steam sterilizer for sterilization, and the operating procedures can be performed step by step in accordance with the instructions of PUR brand.

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