Púr is French. Read aloud the Thai language “Pure” or Pure in English, which means “pure” because a newborn baby is pure like white clothes. Pure has been known for over 20 years as a leader in the production of high quality maternal and child products.

Pure began in 1985 with modern production in collaboration with Bayer German. Manufacture silicone nipples With injection system Instead of the old system to get high quality and clear nipples, Pure was first put on sale in England. From then, we have expanded the base to 35 countries around the world. And Pure’s intention is PURE wants to create, design and manufacture high quality maternal and child products to be known all over the world.

Who we are

We support mothers around the world with feeding products and accessories for babies that are simply the best.

We develop and manufacture our products in our own manufacturing facility with best possible precision in order to deliver simple and safe products to mothers for ultimate comfort of babies. The joy and happiness of mother and baby is our passion and we always pursue this goal relentlessly. We value safety and comfort of babies as our responsibility towards mother and baby community worldwide.

Our Commitment

PUR pays special attention to the quality and design of our products. We want to help parents raise their child with as much comfort as possible.

Every product that PUR develops, is done so with great insight as we collaborate with experienced parents to suit our customers.

PUR puts all of our products through rigorous tests to certify that it functions perfectly and that its safe for parents and child.