Pur Orthodontic Silicone Soother (6m+) – (14029)

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  • Orthodontic silicone soother is designed to fit perfectly in your baby’s mouth.
  • Helps form the palate by improving suction.
  • Soft shield to ensure safety of baby.
  • Teat is made from medical grade silicone, which is also volatile and nitrosamine safe. Guaranteed not to perish odorless tasteless and non-toxic.

Age limit

  • 6m+

Consists of

  • 1pc/pk.

Benefits of Orthodontic Silicon Soother

Babies have a natural need for sucking because this ability is manifested in the womb. During suction of the device maxillofacial All are trained lower jaw growth, which is essential for its existence in the correct position by the time the teeth appear. For many children, spontaneous exercise during feeding is insufficient and is required between meals. Sucking is a fundamental instinct at this time, the baby calms down, feels safer and sleeps better. If at a young age this instinct is usually satisfied through almost constant breastfeeding, with increasing the interval between breastfeeding and wakefulness, the need for soother occurs more often. Otherwise, the baby finds her instead – his blanket or his finger.

There are many kinds of baby Orthodontic Silicon Soother in Bangladesh. The type varies depending on the material, design, and nipple shape used. Since babies have their own preferences, it is best to stock up various soother. Most of the baby Orthodontic Silicon Soother in BD consists of two parts: the protective cover and the nipple. It is important to use a two-part soother to reduce the risk of choking.

Why Orthodontic Silicon Soother?

PUR’s Orthodontic Silicon Soother BD has a special shape with a flat bottom and a concave top. They should be better for the dental health of the children who use them. However, all types of pacifiers can damage the teeth if they are used after the permanent teeth have grown. Since orthodontic soothers have no oral benefits compared to other varieties, the choice of using them depends on the baby’s personal preferences.

Easy to Chew

Our PUR soothers are specially made for babies who are teething. They have textured nipples that are easy for babies to chew. They can also be frozen to increase pain relief.



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